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An open source cloud native PaaS for applications and telco network functions, which is to enable new services and help mobile operators to seize the business opportunity from vertical industries in the 5G era.

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About XGVela

With XGVela, a PaaS platform with telco features can be used to accelerate the design, development and innovation of telco related services. Create an open source cloud native PaaS for applications and telco network functions, which is to enable new services and help mobile operators to seize the business opportunity from vertical industries in the 5G era.

XGVela can provide a reference design of telco-PaaS and accelerate cloud native transformation for telecommunication industry. The scope of XGVela includes collaborative development supporting the mission, including documentation, testing, integration and the creation of other artifacts that aid the development, deployment, operation or adoption of the open source project.


XGVela offers telco services or functions satisfying the high reliability and low latency requirements. It helps to reduce the difficulty to migrate business to the cloud.


XGVela provides a cloud-native platform to improve business agility through a more flexible platform.

XGVela Architecture

XGVela is designed to accelerate the design, development and innovation of telco related services. Traditional network functions/applications are designed and delivered in a packed way in which duplicated/reusable software functions exist. As evolving towards cloud native, the network functions and applications are further decomposed according to microservice architecture.

Common software functions, which are not related to network functions/applications logics, can be extracted out from application and become PaaS functions merging into platform. XGVela brings General PaaS from existing open source PaaS components projects (e.g. Grafana, Envoy, Zookeeper, etc.) to be enhanced with telco requirements, and Telco PaaS which has strong telecommunication characteristics and is under exploration.

Cloud Native has reached broad consensus as the target architecture of telecom networks. China Unicom believes that the telecom cloud native architecture is a key path towards agile operations, and would provide a great foundation for the digital transformation of operators. XGVela is committed to work together towards a telecom PaaS functions platform for 5G and Cloud-oriented services,which will play an important role in the cloud native evolution of the telecom industry. China Unicom is pleased to join XGVela project, and will work together with community partners to nurture a vibrant technical community.

Xiongyan TangChief Scientist of China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute and the Chief Architect of China Unicom Intelligent Network Center

In the 5G era, services innovation needs a fast-paced, continuous change of technology to promote network transformation, the integration of CT and IT technology, network and cloud-native are currently recognized to be telco-industry trends. China Telecom attaches great importance to the combination of network and services, and is committed to accelerating its cloudification. The cloud-native telecom PaaS platform, XGVela, perfectly meets the needs of the 5G era. China Telecom is pleased to join this project and work with community partners to cultivate a dynamic technical community.

Yongbing FanVice director of Network Evolution Department, China Telecom Research Institute

“ Cloud native paradigm and design principles are key to Ericsson, being the first 5G provider to include cloud native container-based technologies as part of its 5G Core offering, Ericsson is one of the leading promoters and supporters of the open source ecosystem, accelerating the adoption and industry alignment in a number of key technology areas. As a leading vendor of cloud native telco applications we see significant value in both standardization and open source projects in the cloud native area including CNCF, CNTT and now XGVela, that help push the boundaries of tomorrow’s networks in terms of agility, efficiency and reliability.

Anders RpsengrenHead of Architecture & Technology, Business Area Digital Services, Ericsson

ZTE is honored to participate in the XGVela project as a major telecommunications equipment manufacturer. We believe that XGVela attempts to use containerization technology and reasonably divide the telecommunications capabilities and general capabilities in PaaS, which will help the flexible deployment of network elements and the rapid scheduling of resources in 5G networks, ZTE hopes to contribute our experience accumulated in the long-term research and development of telecommunications core networks in this project. We sincerely hope that industry peers will work closely together in this new open source project to enrich the ecosystem, create extraordinary value, and achieve complete success!

Wang WeibinCTO of ZTE Telecom Cloud & CN Product Operation

The telecommunications industry is in the middle of two key transitions that will shape the world to come – the deployment of 5G and the transition to cloud native. The industry needs to work closely together in order to succeed in this transition. Nokia is strongly committed to contribute to achieve this goal. We welcome the leadership from CMCC in proposing the XGVela project. Nokia is looking forward to working closely with CMCC and the rest of the industry to make sure the transition to cloud native in telecommunications is successful.

Jonne SoininenHead of Open Source Initiatives, Nokia

Network transition has become a consensus among global operators. NFV, SDN and 5G have accelerated the progress of telecommunication network and cloud computing combination,” “XGVela will further promote the introduction of cloud-native concepts into telecommunications networks. By constructing a carrier-grade PaaS platform and restructuring the organization of 5G network elements, it will promote the full opening of 5G network capabilities and support the network transition and success of 5G networks. H3C is committed to promoting the digital transition of society and is willing to work with China Mobile to promote the maturity and industrialization of XGVela.

Chen FangTechnical director, H3C Carrier Department